Royal Breakfast Tea

Certified Organic

Premium blend of Darjleeing SFTGFOP 1st Flush, Assam golden tips SFTGFOP Chardwar black tea with rose and saffron, 32g.


Elevate your mornings with our irresistible and elegant Royal Breakfast Tea and embrace the royal treatment you deserve. Crafted with passion, this exquisite blend is designed to awaken your senses and set the perfect tone for your day. Sourced from the prestigious tea gardens, our organic Darjeeling SFTGFOP 1st flush and Assam golden tips SFTGFOP Chardwar teas create a harmonious marriage of robust flavors and smooth textures. But that is not all. To enhance the experience, we have artfully added delicate organic rose petals and saffron to enrich the tea and create a fragrant symphony that will inspire you senses and transport you to a peaceful oasis.

This blend is a perfect way to start the day or to unwind in the afternoon. It is best enjoyed on its own or with a light snack to complement the flavors. The blend’s exotic and luxurious taste makes it a popular choice among tea enthusiasts who appreciate the finer things in life.

Unikta Royal Breakfast Tea is a premium black tea blend that

  • Helps to maintain a positive mood and emotional balance
  • Makes you feel more energetic
  • Promotes concentration
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Country of origin: Finland

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SKU: 1400

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