Deep Relax

Certified Organic

Organic herbal tea, 32g, Naturally caffeine free.


Introducing our Deep Relax Organic Herbal Tea, a delicious and luxurious blend of carefully selected organic herbs and spices that will transport you to a state of profound relaxation and serenity. Crafted with love and mindfulness, this exquisite infusion combines the finest botanical ingredients to create a truly soothing and therapeutic tea experience.


At the heart of our organic Deep Relax Tea lies a harmonious fusion of saffron, cinnamon, chamomile, rooibos, and lemon balm, each chosen for its exceptional qualities in promoting calmness and tranquility.

Deep Relax is a naturally caffeine free herbal tea that

  • Helps to maintain a positive mood and emotional balance.
  • Contributes to optimal relaxation
  • Helps to improves sleep quality and supports natural sleep
  • Helps to improves overall well-being


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Country of origin: Finland

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SKU: 2700

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