Happy Woman

Certified Organic

Organic herbal tea, 32g, Naturally caffeine free

We believe a happy woman is full of inspiration. Happy Woman tea contains high-quality organic saffron, fennel, chamomile and other heath supporting herbs crafted to help release stress and relieve menopausal symptoms. Whether you’re looking for a warm cup of tea to sip on in the morning or a comforting cuppa before bed, this excellent tea will leave you feeling at ease.

This is a naturally caffeine free herbal tea that

  • Helps to maintain a positive mood and emotional balance
  • Helps woman to have a mental and physical comfort on menopause
  • Helps maintain comfortable menstrual cycle
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Ingredients: Organic fennel(30%), organic chamomile blossoms, organic lemongrass, organic lemon peel, organic cinnamon, organic lavender blossoms (7%), organic spearmint leaves, organic saffron (0.4%).

Country of origin: Finland

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SKU: 2433

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